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As an industrial construction general contractor, we put the highest priority on delivering a building design that creates solutions for the problems and pain points specific to your business and industry. Thrive in a space specifically designed to eliminate bottlenecks and maximize efficiency.

There are approximately 4 million brick and mortar retail establishments in the United States. Is your building design up to the task of carving out a spot in the market amongst the competition? Millennium Construction, Inc. has a proven track record of excellence in retail construction and commercial construction.

A well-designed office space creates a comfortable and productive environment that encourages peak productivity and keeps employees happy. As your commercial construction company, we work alongside your business to create an office environment that not only accommodates your current needs, but offers space and solutions to help plan for the future.

Our elders deserve to enjoy their golden years in comfort and dignity. When our construction company is contracted to perform design build services for an assisted living facility, we keep that fact at the forefront of our mind. Our approach is twofold, with building design that prioritizes safety and ease of living/quality of life features and building construction that focuses on capturing the familiar comforts of home.

All of the beauty of homeownership with minimal maintenance and upkeep. It’s a dream for the homebuyer and a challenge for the construction company. As your general contractor, Millennium Construction, Inc. will ensure your building design creates comfort and offers amenities residents won’t be able to resist.

When taxpayers are footing the bill, it’s vitally important that a general contractor perform their building design and building construction duties on time and on budget. Build our first responders, medical professionals, and public workers the facilities they need and deserve to continue to serve their community.

Whether providing individual storage units for everyday treasures or warehousing services for multi-national companies, your building design must maximize available storage space to offer the greatest value possible to your customers. Keep your products and your property safe with design build project tailored to the specific needs of a storage or warehousing facility.

As the old adage goes, “No farms, no food.” It takes a massive amount of time, energy, dedication, and equipment to manage an agricultural enterprise, and without the right agricultural buildings, it becomes even harder. Trust Millennium Construction, Inc. to provide the agricultural buildings our farmers need the most so they can continue their work of feeding the nation!

What is LEED certification? Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is one of the world’s premiere green building certification programs, and LEED certification is the symbol of commitment to sustainable and eco-conscious building practices. LEED construction seeks to minimize the negative impact of construction and development on the environment by promoting energy and resource-efficient buildings. Some of the world’s most famous buildings are LEED certified, including Willis Tower, Taipei 101, and Shanghai Tower.



Millennium Construction, Inc. has earned professional certifications in construction by adhering to standards and practices in green construction and sustainable project principles.

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